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Maintenance Services

Proper vehicle maintenance is the easiest way to save money on repairs.

Scheduled maintenance helps you avoid unnecessary repairs and unexpected break-downs. It prolongs the life of your vehicle. And it helps you to ensure a strong resale value.

Our work will never void your dealer warranty.

We’ll even keep track of your maintenance schedule and let you know so the work done on time. Trust us: once you’ve been to Bavarian for your vehicle maintenance, you’ll never return to the dealer again.

What We Offer

  • warranty-approved maintenance
  • we follow all manufacturer specifications
  • service ALL makes and models (import and domestic)
  • we will track your service intervals and keep you up to date
  • NAPA AutoCare Centre
  • Lubrico Authorized Repair Centre
  • Bosch Car Service Centre

We Won’t Void Your Warranty

A lot of our customers are under the impression that they are required to take their new vehicles to the dealer for servicing in order to protect their warranties.

So, is it true?


When Bavarian services your new car or truck, we always stick to the same manufacturer specifications that the dealers do: your warranty is never in jeopardy.

At Bavarian, the work we do is ALWAYS warranty-safe

Do you feel that you’re paying too much for a service? Tired of feeling like a number instead of a customer? Get in touch and schedule your next service at Bavarian.

We’re a local business with a great crew – and because we want you to come back again and again, your satisfaction is always our top priority.

You can learn more about our shop (and meet our friendly staff) on the About Page.

Questions? Email us or call 250-729-8993.


Here’s a basic list of maintenance items that need to be inspected and replaced on a regular basis.

This list is only a guideline, and will vary depending on your vehicle, your driving habits, and even the road conditions – contact us or refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specific details.

  • air filter – check at every service
  • belts & hoses – check at every service
  • brakes – check at every service
  • coolant service – every 5 years
  • fuel filter – every 20,000–40,000km
  • oil service – every 6,000–8,000km
  • timing belts – depending on the vehicle, every 64,000–140,000km
  • tires – varies depending on driving style and conditions; check pressure monthly
  • transmission service – depends on vehicle and transmission

Make it last! Maintain your vehicle and you’ll get a lot more from your investment. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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