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Reviews From Our Customers

Looking for reassurance? We understand.

Finding the right mechanic can be tough, and nobody wants to feel like they’ve been ripped off. So far we’ve talked a lot about our dedication to keeping our customers happy – but talk is cheap. Instead, why not read what our customers have to say?

Although we’ve never really collected customer reviews before (until our website guy started making us), below are a handful of official reviews recently written by our customers.

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Customer Reviews

After searching for months for the perfect W140 I finally found a '98 s500 in beautiful shape... fully documented history with all records, low kms., garaged, owned by a senior couple in Vancouver for the last 9 years. Brought the car home to Nanaimo and drove it twice before it started to misfire...

I reviewed the Mercedes forums and started thinking about a small bank loan for possible repairs, then I contacted Klynt who told me to get it down to the shop and he would put the scanner on it. Sure enough it showed the misfire. There could be any number of causes: plugs, coils, etc.

I was prepared for a major repair bill. Next day got a call at 9:30am to come and get the car. It was fixed, running perfectly, $258.00. I felt like I had won the lottery...

Conclusion: When you find a German auto repair shop with expert, honest mechanics, you have won the lottery and I will recommend Bavarian to anyone needing professional, friendly, and cost effective service.

5-Star Review   Roy N.

Had a problem with the Westy during a road trip. Referred to Bavarian by Justyna at the Living Forest campground. Klynnt and his team gave me the kind of service you dream of receiving when a problem occurs on the road. Triple A service. Many thanks again.

5-Star Review   Claude M.

I was sent in their direction in 2001, back when they were on Maki Road. 14 years and 10+ buses (VW Westfalias) later, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great crew. Great coffee!

5-Star Review   Brent P.

Thanks for the awesome service and thorough work. Even when the car had a new problem after all the initial work, your immediate attention to make it right (which you did) was greatly appreciated! Highly recommend these craftsmen.

5-Star Review   Ferenc S.

Knowledge, quality, service, value, courtesy: the best of the best. I’ll never go anywhere else, ever. The highest of recommendations, without hesitation.

5-Star Review   Tom M.

I moved to Vancouver Island 2 years ago with my wife, we have a 1984 Westy (VW Vanagon). We were fortunate to find Bavarian Imports for our regular maintenance and the occasional emergency repair. Klyntt and crew are honest, fast and friendly. Highly recommend their services.

5-Star Review   Steve B.

I’ve been a customer of Bavarian’s for 17+ years now. My cars have spanned quite a few makes such as: Mazda (owned for 17 years), Nissan truck, Chevy Blazer, VW Jetta diesel, VW Golf. No matter what the make, all work was done with care and attention to detail and cost. Have not changed shops since my first visit.

5-Star Review   Wendy P.

This is the only place to take your vehicle. These are men you can trust and they care about what they do. There is no shortage of smiles and good spirit at Bavarian.

5-Star Review   Berry R.

We have had a long and gratifying relationship with the guys at Bavarian. They have been very helpful with all of our problems, from supplying parts and advice to doing work for us (a rebuild, brake jobs, many oil changes, etc.). We tell everyone we know about the great service that is a regular part of the Bavarian experience.

5-Star Review   Ray & Ruth L.

We’ve taken all our VWs to these guys for the past 15+ years and highly recommend them to friends. Great mechanics and extensive knowledge about VWs. They fit us in when it’s an emergency, keep track of regular maintenance issues, sell us parts for DIY, and have good rates.

5-Star Review   Denise C.

Bavarian Imports has looked after my Eurovan for the last 17 years. The staff has always been courteous, friendly, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable about the Eurovan. I have been able to keep my Eurovan in excellent running condition for the past 20 years because of Bavarian Imports. I would strongly recommend Bavarian, I feel part of a family and have come to know their great staff and co-founders Bill and Harry over the years.

5-Star Review   Alan G.

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